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Hello! :) I finished translating this a few months ago, but only got to retime, retypeset and edit the subs and hardsub it recently. Without further ado, let me present my belated and overdue release of one of our dear Sho-chan's best works to date, hardsubbed SD version. Softsubs (in .ass format) are on D-Addicts and are linked below.

第一夜 : 未来

Blackboard~Jidai to Tatakatta Kyoushitachi~
First Night: Mirai "Future"


SYNOPSIS: In 1947, Shirahama Shohei (Sakurai Sho), who has returned from the battlefront, teaches again at a junior high school in Ota Ward. He is puzzled by the radical transformation that Japanese education has undergone because of the war defeat, but concerned for the welfare of his former students, he holds a class reunion. Before Shohei departed for the battlefront, he taught that “Japan has no future unless it wins the war” and his students had stared at the word “future” on the blackboard with burning gazes. Believing in that word, they had excitedly volunteered to be child soliders. In the end, they lost healthy bodies and minds, and there were even those who lost their lives. Shohei is tormented by regret and dread. How does he talk about the word “life” on the blackboard?


Please follow the cut to read some specific rules before downloading, to see some screencap previews and to get the download links. :D Enjoy!

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( While you weep and cry, you need to show them how to live. )
05 September 2012 @ 05:07 pm
transitions101 has a translation of the recent interview of Sho in the WITH magazine, Oct 2012.
(Click on the pic to read)

(pic credit to transitions101)

16 May 2012 @ 03:03 am
I had just had my exposure towards Arashi through the drama Yamada Taro. I would really like to thanks all of the previous posts which allow me to know more about Sho. Thank you for everyone's hard work =D
10 May 2012 @ 11:53 pm

I'm back with two Arashi wallpapers (both are 1680 x 1050)! Must say I'm pretty pleased with the outcome ^___^ Preview:

Please comment if taking!
14 April 2012 @ 02:04 am
Hello! Here to dump a huge load of Sho/Arashi icons, 128 to be exact :D


Head on here at my lj. Enjoy!
09 February 2012 @ 05:57 pm
Just wanted to let everyone know the answers and results from the little birthday game I had for Sho-san's birthday! There is a winner, so those who participated might like to check to see if it's them! Even if you didn't participate, feel free to come and take a look at how the game worked and leave comments telling me what you think of the game or about future games you might like to play with other Sho-san fans! Many thanks in advance! :)

(Fake Cut - A Winner Is You!)